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2022 Chairman’s Circle Leadership Study Mission -
A Greater Memphis Chamber Initiative

January 18 - 20, 2022 - Orlando FL

Members of the Chairmen’s Circle are invited to attend a trip to Orlando to visit Valencia College and the Orlando Economic partnership, formerly the Orlando Chamber of Commerce.

Members will spend a full day touring the campuses that offer the
Valencia College Accelerated Skills Training Programs. These are adult education skills programs that end with recognized industry certifications, completed by adult learners within 4 to 24 weeks, depending on the course of study. The group will tour health sciences, industrial maintenance, logistics, and construction programs and learning spaces.
The curriculums are industry informed and graduate roughly 1000 skilled workers for local workforce pipelines each year. The majority of adult students pay nothing for these credentials because they are funded primarily by federal entitlement funds – the same funds our region has struggled to spend for decades.

Our adult civilian labor force is our most valuable asset for solving for a skilled workforce at a time that is more urgent than ever.



40% of the civilian labor force within a 45-minute drive of Ford’s Blue Oval City has a high school diploma or less.
An additional 22.6% have some college but no credential or degree.

In total, nearly 65% of our adult workforce is primed for upskill opportunities.

An efficient and competency-based skills program that provides foundational and industry recognized certifications in a condensed time-frame is a necessary onramp to economic mobility and the creation of a skilled workforce.

Members will also take part in a candid discussion with peer business leaders from Orlando and hear how they drove a business-led approach to economic development that continues to transform and drive regional economic development. This will provide valuable context for helping Memphis continue to build strong a narrative for economic competitiveness and an innovation economy.  
Space is limited: nearly half of the seats are already full. It’s imperative that you register now to hold your seat.

Please do not register if you are unable to attend the full agenda. If you want to participate but cannot make the full agenda, please call Nancy Coffee.  

Opportunities for underwriting are available and needed. If you would like additional brand exposure or a small sponsor slot on the agenda, please reach out to DeQuanda Smith, 
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