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2022 TNTX Tech Challenge 

October 7 - 9, 2022 - Memphis TN 

  • Do I need to bring my toolbox?

    • You will need to bring your laptop, charger, Nexiq, Multi-meter, and test leads.  All other hand tools will be provided for you at each station.

  • Can I bring my family?

    • Yes. Family is encouraged!

  • What will my family do while I am competing?

    • If they selected an activity they will be given more information when they arrive

  • Can my family come to the dealership while I compete?

    • Yes! 

  • Will I need to pay for parking?

    • No, TNTX will be taking care of the valet charge and tips.

  • How will I get to the dealership to compete?

    • Transportation will be provided all weekend.

  • Why do you need my spouse’s information?

    • We will be communicating through text messages for updates.

  • Who will be available for my spouse if they need help?

    • Vicki Valora (928-530-4774)

    • Megan Hampton (573-838-8261)

  • Who will be available for me if I have any questions?

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